The Top Ten Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

These are just a few ideas for creative gift wrapping. However, any way you decide to wrap your gift, your friends and family will appreciate it.

The perfect and creative gift wrapping ideas for every style, whether you’re crafty and handmade enthusiast or prefer elegant and easy way of wrapping. Perhaps you want something vintage and sweet for you kiddos or love modern holiday trappings? We’ve got those too, all in one place. We guarantee packing joy and lots of tips, clever
ideas and advices on how to wade through countless number of packing possibilities.

The Top Ten Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

The Top Ten Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

When the gift is a little big and also you don’t get a proper box to slot in the gift, why not get it wrapped as per the shape of the gift. It is about time you break the rules of customary gift wrapping and try out something new in gift wrapping. If you’re all set to do something out of the ordinary using the way you want to wrap your gifts, these ideas will help you out. Given here are some fabulous ideas that you could work upon while you are wrapping a gift.

Here are some ideas to wrap the gifts creatively:

Stenciled Paper

Sturdy white butcher paper creates the perfect blank canvas for stenciled-on holiday designs; the paper’s thickness ensures that it won’t pucker and wrinkle from the moisture in the paint. To get this look: Cut paper to the size you’ll need and plan the stenciled design’s location. Position stencil, then apply acrylic craft paint using a stencil brush or pouncer. Allow paper to thoroughly dry flat before wrapping gift.


Use plain brown kraft paper, burlap and green ribbon, and embellishments gathered from nature, for example pine cones, to give your gifts a rustic feel.

Glossy Newsprint

This gift wrapping idea makes great, clean and high-quality looking wrapping paper. Repurpose old magazines and keep them out of the landfill.

Dish Towels

Wrap kitchen-related presents in dish towels and employ kitchen twine or jute to carry everything together. This is a fun method to give a gift, especially to newlyweds who need dish towels anyway. You can also decorate and label wooden spoons in order to make a name tag out of something apart from paper.

Pretty as a Posey

Patterned red card stock, folded in half, then cut into basic flower petal shapes is an easy way to create a beautiful stand-in for a poinsettia. Use your completed posey as a gift topper or make several and string them together as a colorful holiday banner.

Classic Christmas

Mix and match all red and green wrapping paper, boxes and bows for any cohesive, festive look underneath the tree.

Bubble Wrap

wrapping paper in just plain bubble wrap. Every time I order something online, I save the bubble wrap for wrapping presents. It gives the gift a very cool Mod look that always gets a reaction from friends.

beautiful wrapping paper

beautiful wrapping paper

Magazine Pages

Interesting pages from the glossy magazine make a beautiful wrapping paper when they’re taped together. Enjoy your choices of celebrity photos, pictures of travel locations, or other interesting graphic art.

Children’s Art Work

If you have kids, then you probably have stacks of crayon and finger paint drawings around the house. Children’s artwork makes wonderfully unique and special gift wrap, specifically for grandparents.

Sweet Silhouettes

Go modern having a red, black, and white color scheme. Get crafty by creating silhouettes in advance to indicate recipients. Layer ribbons for double the amount impact.

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