Top 6 Surprise Gift Wrapping Ideas for Men

some creative gift wrapping ideas to make the outside of our gifts as special as the inside.

We all know how gift wrapping can sometimes be difficult. Some people just seem to have a knack for it and produce perfectly wrapped boxes, but most of us either don’t know how to do it altogether or are, sometimes, tired of the old ways. Therefore, here are some easy and creative ideas on how to improve your wrapping skills, so that you can present your family and friends with the most fabulous gifts wrapping they’ve seen so far.

gift wrapping ideas

gift wrapping ideas

It is good to spend some time trying to choose a good gift wrapping for the one who will receive it, but what about wrapping the gift? If you always ask another one for wrapping your gift or do this at the gift shop, why don’t you try to do this on your own? Wrapping gifts is not difficult and it does not require a professional person to do this. All what you need is to try to get a few creative ideas that can help you to start wrapping your gifts on your own.

Choose special gifts wrapping ideas

Pretty Ribbon

Presents bundled in solid color wrapping paper are made special with real ribbon (versus stick-on plastic bows). Instead of tags, assign each family member a different color ribbon, so they know which gifts wrapping are theirs.

Magazine Pages

Interesting pages from a glossy magazine make a beautiful wrapping paper when they’re taped together. Have fun with your choices of celebrity photos, images of travel locations, or other interesting graphic art.

Furoshiki Gift Wrap

Furoshiki wrapping at this amazingly decadent Japanese department store in New York city, and ever since then, when I see it, I am reminded of its simple elegance. Furoshiki refers to a traditional japanese wrapping cloth, and you can use it to wrap just about anything gift wrapping, shopping items and oddly shapes packages and presents. This is a great gift giving idea for a fun scarf, as the scarf itself can be used as the presentation for the gift it holds.

gift wrapping ideas

gift wrapping ideas


It’s the thought that counts, but first impressions last forever as well, so how about a big, beautiful and fun gift wrapping , made by using confetti? This idea is well suited for a bridal shower or even for a wedding present. The craft behind it is very simple and requires you to gift wrap the present, preferably in a neutral toned color, dab some glue on one corner and heavily sprinkle colored confetti on it. As a bonus, there’s no ribbon, which makes it even easier.

Brown Paper

If you get packages wrapped in brown paper, or have a ton of paper bags, use the brown paper to wrap presents. You can spice up the outside by drawing on them with crayons, using stamps, or letting your kids finger paint on them. You can brighten it up by adding a brightly colored ribbon.You can also personalize a brown paper gift by writing poetry or a letter on the front in black pen. Use cursive script to give it a really classy, vintage look.

How To Wrap A Gift

Need present wrapping basics? Here is an awesome Youtube video tutorial that shows you exactly how to wrap a present with easy to follow step by step instructions. Follow along and learn how to wrap a gift like a pro. Be sure to Pin this handy guide, too, so you will have it on Christmas Eve when you need it! Even beginners will be wrapping presents.

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