Top 6 Best Halloween Gifts for 2014

Here are the top 6 best Halloween gifts for 2014.

Are you looking for a little something to give to friends or family for Halloween? Maybe it’s the neighbor across the way that you know needs a little love and attention at the moment. You can go for enticing jewelry pieces, accessories, Halloween costumes, toys, trinkets and a lot more stuff. Undoubtedly, Halloween is the spookiest time of the year, but it is one of the biggest occasions when we can share good times, distribute high quality gifts to bring our friends and family closer. In this article you will explore the list of some great gifts ideas for Halloween 2014.

Halloween Costumes

Top 6 Best Halloween Gifts for 2014

Top 6 Best Halloween Gifts for 2014

As predictable it sounds, Halloween costumes are definitely something that will make your recipient happy given that they could use it for a Halloween party. They don’t need to spend money for his or her quite pricey costume and props. However, you need to make sure to get the perfect size on their behalf!

Halloween Cookies

Take the time to bake some Halloween treats for the toddler as a gift. Visit a discount store to purchase a small holiday-centered cookie tin that may be recycled to hold small toys. Using a sugar cookie recipe or perhaps a store-bought mix, prepare the dough and bake based on package directions. Decorate each cookie with icing and sprinkles to appear as traditional Halloween symbols for example pumpkins, ghosts, witches and candy corn. Arrange the treats in to the decorative tin as a delicious gift for the toddler.

Halloween Tote Bag

A crafty substitution for any disposable trick-or-treat bag is a homemade Halloween tote bag. The bag could be saved and reused year after year and during the entire celebratory month to carry overnight clothes for grandma’s house, carrying books to preschool or holding toys for any car trip. Purchase a ready-made canvas tote bag from the craft or department store and decorate with Halloween pictures. You might print pictures onto iron-on transfers or trace and paint black cats, witch’s hats and large pumpkins with fabric paint and cookie cutters.


This is something that would please not only the kids but also those who are young at hearts with sweet tooth. Candies along with other sweet treats are often considered to be one of the best Halloween gifts because these are one of the most sought after part of every Halloween party or event. When your relatives would come at your place with their kids, be sure you have some sweet treats for those little ones for they will surely like it.

Halloween Crafts

Halloween Crafts

Halloween Coffee Mug

Are you finding an inexpensive, yet adorable and useful gift for your friend or family member, who loves coffee? If yes, then we have the most appealing and spookiest gift idea for the upcoming Halloween bash. You can choose a personalized coffee mug for those friends of yours, who are coffee addict. The best part about these mugs is they can be easily personalized with any picture, Further, these coffee mugs are available in a wealth of different colors, sizes and outstanding graphics. Therefore,
these Halloween mugs are truly fun and excitement.

Halloween Crafts

Halloween crafts can be purchased or made at home if you wish to give it your personal touches. Halloween craft decorations will also be pretty popular Halloween gifts; they range from pumpkin masks, ghostly decorations to the gourd-like crafted lanterns because they could be added to one’s Halloween collectibles so turn a typical Halloween scene into an awesome and magical display.

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