Craft Gifts: How to make Easy Paper Rose Flower

Paper flowers can be as beautiful gift flowers for woman.

Paper Rose flowers are a creative and economic way to add color and cheer to your space. These particular Rose flowers are a favorite because they don’t come across as overly “crafty” and you can make large quantities in hardly any time at all. As an added bonus, construction is simple and requires nothing more than scissors and quick-drying glue.

Craft Gifts - How to make Easy Paper Rose Flower

Craft Gifts – How to make Easy Paper Rose Flower

A stalk or bouquet of flowers certainly is the perfect gift that bring happiness, love and warm cozy feelings towards the woman you love.

You need not look far to consider a glimpse of these elegant flowers.

Just a glimpse outside of your window, the garden or even the roadside might surface a bush of tiny pink purple flowers blooming gracefully in harmony. However, fresh flowers may wither inside a several days and could be a bothersome chore to keep them fresh by replacing clean water on alternate days.

Chances of your love one to remember of your fresh flower gift might not instill in her memory for long.

Thereto, it is wise to choose fabric or paper flowers as the perfect gift for her to remember this keepsake for years to come.

Gift shop bought fabric and paper flowers are beautiful and convenient but they are expensive because these are handmade gifts and could have some flaws in quality and workmanship.

Do consider handmade your own paper flowers which helps you to save money, reuse craft materials and recycle unwanted objects into beautiful, unique flowers.

Paper flowers are simpler to make compare to fabric flowers because they are flexible, not flimsy, glue easily and firmly, easily match with different contrast of color papers that resemble real flowers.

What would be the things you need to use for making a paper flower?

  • For starters, you need some colorful construction papers, either fluorescent or neon colors or simply plain solid color will do. Some people may find single color is simply too boring. You could choose gift wrappers, newspapers or magazines to boost the uniqueness of this paper flowers
  • Next, you need a bottle of white glue to stick the flower petals together. I prefer to use white glue since it sticks the papers firmly unlike stationary glue (cheaper in price) which irritatingly unstuck the papers by themselves after dry up.
  • In order to provide the petals a natural curve appearance, make use of a toothpick to curve each petal downwards.
  • Besides that, reuse the toothpick to help make the paper flower stem or purchase kebab sticks for extended stems if you plan to decorate the paper flowers inside a tall vase.
  • The rest of the fundamental stationary items are a pair of scissors along with a pencil, that’s it!

What are the advantages of making Handmade Paper Rose Flower

  • Last longer- Flowers could only last a couple of days and starts to wither, the petals dried out and fall off. Paper Rose Flowers could last all year, support the shape and color without fading.
  • Easy to keep – You need to change clean water for flowers and a little sunlight. Paper Rose Flowers are often kept in dry places. When the flowers are dustty, just brush from the dust with feather duster or just blow off the dust.
  • Cost Nothing-You have to fork out money to buy flowers. On special occasions such as Valentine’s Day& Mother’s Day, flowers price hike up; double the amount normal price, high in demand which might result in flowers shortage. While Paper Rose Fllowers have the freedom, you make them with left-over materials and recycle papers into beautiful gifts. You may make as many flowers as you like and cut costs at the same time.
  • Useful for decoration-Both fresh flowers and Paper Rose Flowers are helpful in decoration for any occasion. Basket flower gifts, decorate flowers in vase on dining table, side table, prayer alter and bedroom.
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